Financial Aid

Brooklyn Free Space offers financial aid in the form of tuition reduction of 10-50% to new and returning qualifying families according to financial need. Funds are limited, but we invite all in need to apply.


Who Qualifies?

While BFS encourages applications for tuition reduction from all families that feel they need assistance, tuition reduction is typically offered to families whose annual household income is below $75,000.

To Apply

Families interested in applying for financial aid must submit a Parents Financial Statement (PFS) through National Association of Independent Schools' School and Student Services (SSS). There is a $47.00 fee to fill out the online application. If this fee presents a hardship for you, please contact and we can provide you with a fee waiver, if available. Our school code is 3924. BFS determines eligibility for admission without regard to a student’s application for financial aid, but please indicate that you are seeking financial assistance on your bfs application.  

If your name is chosen in our initial Lottery, on February 1st, we will ask families who have indicated interest to review and submit their aid applications within two weeks. At that point, we will present you with a FA offer.  We encourage families to fill this application out before the lottery or directly after the lottery to be sure that their application is complete as soon as possible. Families awarded aid will be asked to submit a copy of the past 2 years federal and state income tax returns.