Welcome to Brooklyn Free Space (BFS), an independent cooperative preschool located in the heart of Park Slope, Brooklyn. 

For over 35 years, BFS has been committed to providing child-centered education in a cooperative community, that engages teachers and parents alike in learning. We are committed to serving a diverse population and offer financial aid to our families in need.

ROUND UP your children's outgrown clothes, equipment, and toys!
Bring them to the BIG ROOM to SWAP for bigger sizes and "NEW" stuff to play with.
This event is open to the public! Items for swap should be brought to the BIG ROOM the day of Swap.
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Join us for a discussion with experienced educators from Brooklyn New School, principal Anna Allanbrook and third grade teacher Diane Castelucci, for a presentation and discussion of the tests and their uses (and misuses).  Learn more about what these tests mean for our children, teachers and schools, and what it means to refuse the tests.

You: What did you do today? Your child: Play.
You: That’s it? Your Child: Yes.
Sound familiar? Did you ever wonder if all your kid does all day at BFS is play? In fact, yes, that is a big part of their day, and often the most compelling part to them. All skills, physical, cognitive, language and social, are developed and strengthened when young children interact with materials, peers, and the environment through self-directed exploration.

Join us this summer for days filled with friendship, adventure, creative exploration, and play!

To register, fill out the online application and submit a $500 tuition deposit by check or online, using this link. Be sure to write your child's name and "Summer Camp Deposit" in the memo field.
Apply online: The online application for the 2015 - 2016 School Year is now available.

298 6th Avenue

(btwn 2nd and 3rd St)

Brooklyn, NY 11215

PH: (718) 965-3135

FAX: (718) 965-0381